Dane County Access to Opportunity

Joe Parisi

Joe Parisi

Dane County Executive

Dane County is repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to live in America - with practically limitless opportunity. However, not all of our residents have access to all our community has to offer.  The reasons for this are complicated and in many cases deep-rooted.

My number one goal as your County Executive is to work with our entire community to ensure that every single resident has access to opportunity.  Reaching this goal will require vigilance and participation from all levels of government, the community, the private sector and non-profit organizations.

Working together, each assuming responsibility for our piece of the solution, we can work toward the day when everyone in our community has the ability to reach their full potential.

People face many forks in the road they traverse from being a toddler to a young adult. Bumps or barriers in that road, like poverty, mental health, and non-violent, often one-time offenses are unnecessarily setting people back, forcing individuals to play from behind or “catch-up” to their peers. These barriers drive disparities in employment, opportunity, and criminal justice.

Together, we can address these shared challenges and better ensure opportunity for all.