Community Solutions: Breaking Down Barriers for Success


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’ s comprehensive plan for reducing poverty and better ensuring opportunity and success for all:

People re-entering society after conviction and incarceration face a unique set of barriers that make it extremely difficult to achieve success outside of the prison walls. Over ¾ of these inmates will be returning to the communities from which they originated  Challenges such as lack of affordable housing, mental health and other support services, and employment make it difficult,  if not impossible, for many of these individuals to successfully reintegrate back into the community and avoid recidivism.  In addition, addressing challenges early on is an effective strategy in preventing people from entering the criminal justice system in the first place.  To address these barriers, County Executive Parisi commits to:

Gainful employment is the most effective vehicle out of poverty and towards upward mobility.  All efforts to achieve prosperity for all must begin with access to a family sustaining job.  The County Executive’s efforts in this area will be to:

Dane County can lead by example in efforts to reduce inequities and break down barriers to employment.  In 2015, Dane County will take undergo an extensive internal analysis to identify areas of needed improvement around hiring practices, contracting and service provision.  County Executive Parisi will: